Hybrid Poly Net House

combination of polyhouse and shade net house

Hybrid Poly Net House

A Hybrid Poly Net House is like a mix of two types of farming houses structure: polyhouse and shade net house structure design. It has a plastic cover on the top like a polyhouse, and netting on the sides like a shade net house. People mostly use it for growing young plants and medicinal herbs.

Hybrid Poly Net Houses offer a unique combination of features that cater to the specific needs of certain crops and farming conditions. Poly Net houses keep crops safe from cold and rain, just like polyhouses do. They also let air and sunlight come in from the sides, like shade net houses. These houses work well in places where the weather is dry or changes a lot.

The design of Hybrid Poly Net Houses makes them ideal for nursery plantation and cultivation of medicinal herbs. These crops often require a delicate balance of light, temperature, and humidity, which the hybrid structure can help maintain more effectively compared to traditional farming methods.

Vatshal Green Environment helps set up these special farming houses for projects that need advanced technology.


Hybrid Poly Net Houses represent a modern solution to the challenges faced in agricultural production, offering a balance between protection, ventilation, and adaptability to varying climatic conditions.


Strong Structure

Customized Galvanized Steel Construction.

Easy Assembly

Provides prefabricated structure for
easy to assemble & dissemble.

No Welding

Total structure assembled with
Nut-bolts without welding.

Durable Quality

Designed to withstand wind
speed of 120 kmph

Protective Materials

Covered with UV stabilized
covering materials.

Structure Specification

Construction Specification

Hot dip Galvanized Steel pipes used in construction

Structure Pipes

Structure Height

5 meter

Structure Span

6 meter X 4 meter

Top Covering

200 Micron Polyfilm

Side Covering

Insect Net with 40 Mess


2 mm


60-76 OD

Foundation &

60 OD

Support Pipe

42-60 OD

Benefits Hybrid Poly Net House

How is Hybrid Poly Net House useful?

Allows Cultivation in
problematic climate conditions

Provides a Trellising
system for vegetables.

Reduces disease
control costs.

Increases efficiency of
Water & fertilizer Usage

Use Case

Suitable for flower

Suitable for fruits

Suitable for vegetables

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