Protected Farming


Get more output yield per acre using our Shade Net house or Polyhouse and Modern Farming Technologies

Flat Shade
Net House

Flat Shade Net House consists of steel pipes hot-dip galvanized & enclosed with agro-shade nets.

Dome Shade
Net House

Dome Shaped Net Houses include a unique design that is tailored in size to create an ergonomic.

Wire Rope
Net House

Low cost Wire Rope Shade Net Houses offer more economically friendly when it comes to installation.

Hybrid Poly
Net House

Hybrid Poly Net Houses combine two materials: poly film on the roof, and shade net on the sides.

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Vatshal Green Environment

Vatshal Green Environment is an incredibly passionate and devoted team of experts with years of specialized knowledge in the farming industry. We leverage our wealth of experience and dedication to provide exceptional service to all our customers, ensuring that each one can benefit from the best techniques and advice available.

Our cutting-edge Hi-Tech solutions are revolutionizing traditional farming by merging modern agricultural methods and technologies in order to ensure the highest quality of farming practices. This combination of the latest technologies with the experience of traditional farming methods helps to enhance the productivity, sustainability, and overall quality of yield from each harvest.

Certified Expert

We provide a complete range of professional vegetable farming services.


Turnkey Project

Protected cultivation solutions

Complete solutions for protected cultivation projects including structural materials, irrigation systems, land preparation, initial crop planting, and expert agronomy services, all in one place.

Agronomy Services

Professional solutions for farming

Vatshal green offers various services to the agricultural community with experienced agriculture team is determined to supply growers with the right data & resources so that they can maximize their crop yields at all times.

Farm Management

Crop Plan, Care, Packaging, Selling

It includes repairing of structure, providing new material for your structure, technical supervision for your setup, crop selection guidance and agronomy services for your entire project.

Why Choose Us?

Vatshal Green Environment is a team of farming experts with over 15 years of experience.

We’re here to offer top-notch services to our customers by blending modern technology with traditional farming methods.

Our team of experts makes sure each protected farming project is fiscally secure with affordable, long-term designs for protected cultivation, agriculture counseling, and farm management services. We provide a complete range of solutions to ensure the prosperity of your agricultural endeavors.

Vatshal Green Environment is at the forefront of providing agricultural services to the food and agricultural industry, utilizing cutting-edge farming initiatives for a wide range of crops. In addition, they work hard to create connections between farmers and markets, resulting in increased access to sustainable farming techniques that benefit everyone involved.

Vatshal Green Environment

Hi-Tech solutions to traditional farming with suitable techniques

We help farmers with Protected Cultivation, Hydroponics Farming, Smart Irrigation Solutions, and Agronomy Services.

Turnkey Projects

Protected cultivation projects can be completed quickly and effectively with a single-source solution that includes materials, irrigation, land preparation and first crop planting.

Sustainable Solutions

We offer cost-efficient, sustainable, and suitable secured constructions that meet the individual needs of farmers, helping to maximize their profits.

Agronomy Consultancy

Our knowledgeable agriculture team is determined to supply growers with the right data & resources so that they can maximize their crop yields at all times.

Farm Management

Our team is well-equipped to ensure successful farming by managing the project from start to finish. This involves setting up the required infrastructure, planning and guiding farmers, and eventually selling their crops in the market.

Inspiring Organic Farming

We have developed a specialized system to produce essential organic fertilizers & pesticides for organic farming purposes, so that the usage of chemicals in agriculture can be reduced.

Market Connect

At our company, we are among the top providers in the agricultural services industry. We help farmers to increase their profits by selling value-added products instead of raw produce in the market.

Our services extend across multiple states

Our services extend across multiple states in India, including Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

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