Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse

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Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse

In contrast to a shade net house, a Naturally Ventilated Poly House boasts a roof made of UV stabilized Polyethylene film. This roof shields plants from direct rain and cold during winter while allowing for natural air circulation.

Unlike traditional greenhouses that rely on mechanical ventilation systems, Naturally Ventilated Polyhouses harness natural airflow for climate control. The design of these polyhouses allows air to circulate freely, maintaining optimal growing conditions for plants without the need for powered fans or ventilation equipment.

Naturally Ventilated Polyhouses are perfect for growing flowers like Dutch roses, gerbera, carnations, anthurium, as well as exotic vegetables such as broccoli, colored capsicum, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and medicinal plants.


Compared to fully controlled or climate-controlled polyhouses that require sophisticated ventilation and climate control systems, Naturally Ventilated Polyhouses are generally more cost-effective to construct and maintain.


Strong Structure

Galvanized Steel Construction.

Easy Assembly

Provides prefabricated structure for
easy to assemble & dissemble.

No Welding

Total structure assembled with
Nut-bolts without welding.

Durable Quality

Designed to withstand wind
speed of 120 kmph

Protective Materials

Covered with UV stabilized
covering materials.

Structure Specifications

Construction Specification

Hot dip Galvanized Steel pipes used in construction

Structure Pipes

Structure Height

6 meter

Structure Span

8 meter X 4 meter

Top Covering

200 Micron Polyfilm

Side Covering

Insect Net with 40 Mess


2 mm


90 OD

Foundation &

60 OD

Support Pipe

42-60 OD

Benefits Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse

How is Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse useful?

Allows Cultivation in
problematic climate conditions

Provides a Trellising
system for vegetables.

Reduces disease
control costs.

Increases efficiency of
Water & fertilizer Usage

Use Case

Suitable for flower

Herbs & Medicinal Plants

Suitable for fruits

Nursery & hardening nursery
of Tissue cultured plant.

Suitable for vegetables

Exotic vegetables

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