Dome Shade Net House

the structure offers robustness and longevity

Dome Shade Net House

Dome Shaped Net Houses serve the same purpose as Flat shade net houses. However, Dome Shaped Net Houses are designed differently in size and shape to be more comfortable and visually appealing.

The Dome Flat Shade Nethouse structure represents advanced technology in farming. It creates a controlled environment perfect for growing crops well. Made with strong hot-dip galvanized steel pipes and covered with special shade nets, this structure is tough and practical, ideal for modern farming methods.

Dome Shade Net Houses work best for growing flowers, vegetables, and fruits. We offer agriculture consultancy services and help set up protected farming structures. Our company is a top provider of farm management services in India. We offer complete farming solutions, from planting to selling crops, along with agronomy services.


Constructed with hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, the Dome Flat Shade Nethouse ensures resilience against environmental factors and structural integrity over time. This robust framework forms the foundation for a reliable and long-lasting agricultural structure.


Strong Structure

Low Cost Galvanized Steel Construction.

Easy Assembly

Provides prefabricated structure for
easy to assemble & disassemble.

No Welding

Total structure assembled with
Nut-bolts without welding.

Durable Quality

Designed to withstand wind
speed of 120 kmph

Protective Materials

Covered with UV stabilized
covering materials.

Structure Specifications

Construction Specification

Hot dip Galvanized Steel pipes used in construction

Structure Pipes

Structure Height

5 meter

Structure Span

6 meter X 4 meter

Top Covering

Mono Filament 120 GSM

Side Covering

Insect Net with 40 Mess


2 mm


60 OD

Foundation &

48 OD

Support Pipe

42-60 OD

Benefits of Dome Shade Net House

How is Dome Shade Net House useful?

Allows Cultivation in
problematic climate conditions

Provides a Trellising
system for vegetables.

Reduces disease
control costs.

Increases efficiency of
Water & fertilizer Usage

Use Case

Suitable for flower

Suitable for fruits

Suitable for vegetables

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