Climate Controlled Polyhouse

Fully controlled Fan & Pad Polyhouse

Climate Controlled Polyhouse

The Fully Controlled Fan & Pad Polyhouse is specially designed to suit both Arid and Non-Arid zones. It’s perfect for soil-less plantations, tissue plant labs, and growing medicinal crops.

This Hi-Tech Poly House features fans and pads, ideal for areas where efficient cooling is needed. The cooling pads are placed on one side and water is piped over them. Any excess water is drained through a gutter at the bottom. Fans on the opposite side draw air through the wet pads, saturating it and cooling the greenhouse effectively.

Maintaining the right temperature and humidity is crucial for growing any crop. The Fan & Pad Poly House ensures these conditions, even during off-seasons, leading to increased production. Vatshal Green Environment stands out as a top manufacturer and service provider for climate-controlled polyhouse structures, perfect for hi-tech farming needs.

Climate Controlled Poly House

Fully Controlled Fan & Pad Polyhouse represents a sophisticated solution for modern agriculture, offering precision control over environmental factors to optimize crop cultivation and enhance overall productivity.


Strong Structure

Galvanized Steel Construction.

Easy Assembly

Provides prefabricated structure for
easy to assemble & dissemble.

No Welding

Total structure assembled with
Nut-bolts without welding.

Durable Quality

Designed to withstand wind
speed of 120 kmph

Protective Materials

Covered with UV stabilized
covering materials.


Micro Irrigation, Cooling pad, Fertigation,
Misting, Heating & Fan System

Structure Specifications

Construction Specification

Hot dip Galvanized Steel pipes used in construction

Structure Pipes

Structure Height

6-7 meter

Structure Span

8 meter X 4 meter

Top Covering

200 Micron Polyfilm

Side Covering

200 Micron Polyfilm


2 mm


90 OD

Foundation &

60 OD

Support Pipe

42-60 OD

Benefits Climate Controlled Polyhouse

How is Climate Controlled Polyhouse useful?

Allows Cultivation in
problematic climate conditions

Provides a Trellising
system for vegetables.

Reduces disease
control costs.

Increases efficiency of
Water & fertilizer Usage

Use Case

Suitable for flower

Off-season flowers

Suitable for fruits

Soil-less farming, Tissue cultured plant

Suitable for vegetables

Off-season vegatables

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