Protected Cultivation

manufacturing and installing protected farming structure

Protected Farming/Cultivation

Protected cultivation is a way of farming that keeps plants safe from harsh weather by using naturally ventilated or temperature-controlled structures. These structures are customized based on the local weather and the types of plants being grown, like vegetables or flowers. They create a favorable environment for crops and shield them from sudden climate changes.

With this technology, we can regulate temperature, humidity, light, and irrigation to suit the needs of different crops. This helps increase profits and allows farming to continue all year round, regardless of outdoor conditions.

At Vatshal Green Environment, we specialize in manufacturing and exporting Shade Net Houses, Climate-Controlled Poly Houses, and other structures. We also offer Low-Cost Wire Rope Net Houses, Tunnel Poly Houses, and more. Additionally, we provide Farm Management Services, Agronomy Consultancy Services, and platforms for selling crops to our clients.

Vatshal Green Environment is one of the leading manufacturers, setup & Installation service provider of Shade Net House, Poly House, and Low-Cost Wire Rope Net House

Flat Shade Net House

Flat Shade Net House is a structure made from hot-dip galvanized steel pipes enclosed with agro shade nets.

Dome Shade Net House

Dome Shaped Net Houses are designed differently in size and dimensions for ergonomic and visual pleasing.

Wire Rope Net House

Wire Rope Net House is a lower-cost high strength structure using wire rope. Wire rope net house provides the same

Hybrid Poly Net House

A Hybrid Poly Net House is a hybrid structure combination of polyhouse and shade net house which has poly film on roof and shade net in sides

Tunnel Shade Net House

Low-Cost, Tunnel roof shade nethouse, offering light weight structure for small scale farming.

Climate Controlled Polyhouse

Fully controlled Fan & Pad Polyhouse designed for Arid & Non-Arid zone. It is suitable for soil-less plantation,